Are you looking for a motivational keynote speaker who is dynamic and earns standing ovations? Reward your audience with a laser-focused keynote speaker who will deliver you an outstanding presentation and is one of the most admired business and sales strategy experts, David Asarnow.  When you have David Asarnow as your motivational keynote speaker, you are have a highly entertaining motivational keynote speaker that will deliver you and your conference a compelling and content rich motivational keynote presentation.  David's business and sales strategy messages will have you and your audience sitting on the edge of their seat. As your conference speaker, David Asarnow will WOW your group or convention with innovation, inspiration and powerful profit-generating business ideas and strategy.  David will energize and motivate your audience. David is not just a motivational keynote speaker, David is a serial entrepreneur and is the Co-Founder of Business Oxygen, a business growth strategy company based in Atlanta, Georgia. David is a marketing and sales strategy visionary and award winning motivational keynote speaker. Hailed as a "visionary" by Franchise Update magazine, and "Captivated" the CEO of Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes "Business Breakthroughs International;" David has an uncanny ability to help businesses, brands, sales teams ...

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Can You Market To A Goldfish?

Can You Market To A Goldfish? There are 4 main facets of marketing: branding, sales, positioning, and psychology. Take all of this and add a large dose of strategy and you may have an effective plan.This is great except, there is one element most companies miss. I was recently speaking to my ...

Friday, September 13th, 2013 at 9:13 am


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Business Oxygen


David Asarnow, Founder of Business Oxygen is an Atlanta based Business Consulting and Internet Marketing Agency that helps business grow. In this Video Blog, discover how adding Business Oxygen will ignite your sales and marketing strategy that will fulfill the vision of your company. At Business Oxygen, it is our goal to ...