David Asarnow:  Best Selling Author, sought after business speaker, sales trainer, and motivational speaker leading authority on The Yes Factor.  Dave Asarnow Photo

Over the past two decades, David and his team has discovered what makes successful people tick and why some succeed and others with the exact same opportunity and circumstances do not.  Today, David shows people how they can utilize their YES FACTOR, and utilize it to engage others almost instantly.



THE YES FACTOR is stepping into your confidence zone and knowing that you have the ability to get what you want.  THE YES FACTOR is having clear and concise communication that enables you to engage others almost instantly and having them wanting to do business with you because they see that you “get them.”

When you utilize THE YES FACTOR, you are able to communicate at a higher level with yourself and others; you are able to build rapport faster, and build stronger relationships.

YES FACTOR MARKETING is integrating this confidence and passion throughout your business and communication with your current and potential clients at a higher level, exactly how they want to be communicated with.


While studying at The University of Florida, David began to have a strong interest in Advertising and the psychology of why people buy.  After graduation David spent some time as a freelance photographer before venturing into a decade long career in sales.  In sales, David continuously led the field doubling his sales year after year (seven times).  At age 29, David led a new division for Fabri-Kal, a 50-year-old $68 million dollar manufacturing company he was working for at the time and proceeded to build his new division from inception to $45 Million dollars over a five-year period.  Some of David’s clients included Coca-Cola, McDonalds, International Paper, Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Dairy Queen, Sysco and US Foodservice.  Over his sales career, David has personally sold well over $200,000,000 in products, goods and services.

At age 36, David founded his first major company Clix.  Within three years, Clix was ranked in the illustrious Franchise 500 of TOP FRANCHISE BRANDS and within five years Entrepreneur Magazine ranked them a “TOP 15 HOT NEW FRANCHISE.”  While with Clix, David had appeared in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, The Miami Herald and USA Today to name a few.


About 9 years ago, due to David’s success as an entrepreneur, he was ask to share his insights as a public speaker.  One October day in 2009 David was attending an $8000 per ticket event when a speaker did not show, he saw a chance to act and serve those in attendance. David went to the event organizer, Marshall Sylver and volunteered to fill the space and promised to WOW the Audience and delivered. THE YES FACTOR and David’s speaking career was born on that day, and Marshall had David back numerous times speaking at all of his events.

Since that day, David has been busy speaking, training and coaching business executives, sales teams and entrepreneurs to business and personal success.

According to David, “The great thing about being a motivational keynote speaker is the ability to help so many business executives; sales leaders and business owners increase their sales, profits and create leverage within their daily business activities. It’s all about producing amazing results!”

David is a 100% results focused business keynote motivational speaker!

David’s most recent venture in addition to being a Keynote Motivational Speaker is Business Oxygen.  Business Oxygen is forward thinking results driven company of business marketing specialists, rapid results trainers and coaches that help businesses grow sales and profits smarter and faster…


In addition to growing his own businesses, David has add has created millions of dollars in profits for his many business coaching and consulting clients and thousands of business training students over the past four years including those he has trained for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes at Business Breakthroughs International.

With David Asarnow on your addenda as a keynote motivational speaker, he will show the attendees at your next conference or convention how to create positive business results and how to capture their own YES FACTOR.