Motivational Business Speaker

When you are hiring a motivational business speaker for your entrepreneurial, executive or sales focused audience, you want to hire a business speaker than has the proven ability to connect with your group within minutes and possesses the skill to keep them engaged and wanting more.

Proven business and sales performer David Asarnow is a keynote business speaker that instantly connects with an audience and will create a buzz that will carry throughout the event, making you really stand out as a meeting planner.

David offers innovative sales strategies coupled with entertaining keynote speaking.

David provides energized, effective, and entertaining speaking that will ensure you get the results you want. As a keynote speaker David Asarnow is powerful and intriguing for business, sales, and motivation.

Change Your Sales Game

People no longer have the time to chat and have coffee meetings with salespeople. The business professionals of today are extremely busy. With this knowledge we have to accept that the sales game has changed and to be successful, salespeople will need to use new techniques:

  • Streamline your pitch, leave out complicated and time consuming explanation.
  • Become an irreplaceable resource to customers.
  • Sync with your customers’ goals.
  • Follow-up and keep a consistent momentum with the customer.

Make Faster Sales

For most individuals in sales today, figuring out the most effective way to sell is difficult given the climate of the sales market in general. Knowing that follow-up and follow through has become more difficult for ever-busy clients means using new strategies to not only make sales, but make faster sales.

David will give strategies on:

  • Using customer targeting and laser targeting
  • Increasing your presence
  • Effectively navigating customers in order to reach maximum sales potential.

David’s goal is to create WOW RESULTS as you event speaker and you look good for hiring him.

David spends the time to understand your needs and how he as your motivational business speaker can best help you accomplish them.

As a corporate business leader and serial entrepreneur, David realizes that for a business to truly be successful, each individual needs to be inspired and empowered to become their best selves.  As a former top business speaker with Tony Robbins and Chet Holes Business Breakthroughs International, David has spoken to business leaders internationally, crafting a style that enables him to effortlessly connect to and move audiences to action.

If you want your team, or conference attendees to remember and take action upon the information they learn at your event for the next 12 months, you want high powered business speaker David Asarnow as your main keynote.

After all, its David’s job to make sure your conference attendees are energized and motivated to achieve the mission you set out for them at your conference.

Read David’s testimonials and see what his raving fans have to say, watch the video success stories and you will see why hiring David Asarnow as your motivational business or sales speaker will make you look real good!

David’s message will be customized based upon the specific needs of your audience.  When you hire David, you are not hiring just a speaker, you are gaining a partner in creating an amazing multi-day event that is interactive, funny, energetic and embedded with calls to action.

Are you ready to grow sales, increase client engagement, re-inspire your team?

Are you ready for your team to enter a state of peak performance so that they operate at a higher level?

Are you ready to create enthusiasm that will last way beyond your event?

Hiring the right motivational sales and business speaker will set a positive tone for your event and make you as a meeting planner look good!

When you hire David, you are getting a proven, business leader and speaker that will have your audience saying, WOW!”

Create WOW RESULTS at your next event!