What Is A Keynote Speaker

What is a Keynote Speaker and why would you want to hire one for your next business conference or convention? 

Many people looking to hire a keynote speaker are really looking to hire a professional speaker who can talk to their group or audience for approximately forty-five to sixty minutes.

While a keynote speaker may also be an inspirational speaker, motivational speaker, business expert, sales speaker, breakout session speaker, convention speaker or conference speaker, they may also be a professional athlete, Olympian, comedian, juggler or movie star.

While any of the above professional speakers may be a keynote speaker, the reality is that many professional speakers do not fit the definition of a keynote speaker, and most keynote speakers do not juggle, or act in movies.

A true keynote speaker is capable of quickly sizing up your group, meeting or conference and effectively integrating your goals with their message.  A professional keynote speaker will take the time to research your business, group, industry challenges and your audience.

After a keynote speaker researches your group, they will customize their presentation to fit the needs of your audience.

Depending upon your business or conference needs, your professional keynote speaker may utilize audience participation, show humorous video clips, or get your audience out of their seats and jumping around.  A professional keynote speaker’s responsibility is to integrate your message into their speaking program so that  it will be memorable by your group.